Christie's Education Evening Lecture Series 2018-19

05 Nov 2018

Christie's Education is pleased to announce its 2018-19 Evening Lecture Series. The Autumn Term lecture Painting on Painting: Contemporary Directions will be given by art historian and writer Ben Street.

In this lecture, Ben Street will address an ongoing theme in contemporary painting: paintings that reflect upon the history and the status of the medium itself. Painting here is being proposed as an art historical practice running in parallel to written history, a kind of critical thinking in paint. Works by artists including Jutta Koether, Marlene Dumas, Kerry James Marshall, Philip Guston and Martin Kippenberger will be considered, alongside examples of historical art these works address and complicate. While not a comprehensive overview of contemporary painting, this talk seeks to identify qualities distinctive to current practices which might help to navigate the complex territory of painting today. Please register here to attend.

The Spring Term lecture The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke: The Story of an Eccentric Masterpiece will be given by Dr Nick Tromans, Programme Director, MA Art History and Art World Practice, on 23 January 2019.