Dr Bill Roberts on Distinctions between Art and Design

21 Aug 2019

Art, Design and Capital since the 1980s: Production by Design examines artists’ engagements with design and architecture since the 1980s, and asks what they reveal about contemporary capitalist production and social life. The book considers several artists demonstrating a close relationship between fine art and design in their practice.

“Like all of us, artists are immersed in design in their everyday lives, but the work that fine artists do also shares much with the professional practices of designers of many kinds, from graphic designers to architects. It makes sense then, that many artists seek to explore this relationship as the subject of their work,” comments Dr Bill Roberts, lecturer on the new master’s programme Art History and Art World Practice at Christie’s Education London. 

Christie’s Education faculty, both in London and New York, actively contribute to discussions on various art world related topics worldwide. Earlier this year 100 Years, 100 Artworks: A History of Modern and Contemporary Art written by Dr. Ágnes Berecz was published as well as the release of Late Byzantium Reconsidered: The Arts of the Palaiologan Era in the Mediterranean by Andrea Mattiello and Maria Alessia Rossi and Christie's Education alumnus Maria R. Grasso released Illuminating Sanctity: The Body, Soul and Glorification of Saint Amand in the Miniature Cycle in Valenciennes, Bibliothèque Municipale. In addition to these publications, there are tens of academic papers and articles released in various journals and magazines by our team of esteemed academics. Christie’s Education faculty members are often speakers on academic conferences and members of a wide range of research groups and committees in the art and education sectors.