Alumni - Where Are They Now: Shahrzad Ghorban

08 Feb 2019

Studying at Christie's Education was without a doubt one of the best decisions I've ever made.

With a background in Art History and Middle Eastern Studies, I started my studies on the Modern and Contemporary Art master's at Christie's Education London in October 2012. 

Throughout the course, we learned about art, history, philosophy, and culture; visited art galleries, museums and artist studios; had extensive seminars and debates, which with the help of our wonderful tutors, opened our eyes and minds to the world and our surroundings like never before. 

After finishing the course, I returned to Canada and started working with James Robertson Art Consultants Inc. (JR Art) in 2014 as a junior art consultant.  

At JR Art we focus on creating/curating timeless, engaging and inspiring contemporary art collections for high-end luxury hotels and private collections internationally. Since 2014, I have worked on numerous high-end hospitality as well as private art collections in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe. 

In 2017, I made the decision to move back to UK where I continue to work for JR Art. Being back in London has allowed me to really widen my day to day experience with the art world and I couldn't be happier to be back. 

I believe my time at Christie's Education was crucial to the way I see and interpret art today, which is an important aspect of my day to day professional and personal life.