New Online Art Market Economics Course Gives Students Tools to Understand the Complexity of the Art Market

15 Jan 2019

How do you place a value on art? What are the different types of art investment and how do you calculate their risks and returns? How do states tax and regulate the art market? Christie's Education's new online courses Art Market Economics, launching 18 January, provides answers.

An in-depth introduction to the essentials of today's art market, the course is written and presented by Dr Clare McAndrew, leading art market economist and author of the renowned Art Basel and UBS report, The Art Market. This video course features lectures, interviews and detailed data visualisations. Dr McAndrew comments: "Over six lectures we will investigate the economics of the art market and the agents that operate in it. The course will explain how it differs from other markets theoretically, empirically and in practice."

A highlight of this course is the exclusive interviews with professionals working across the art world, including Phillip Hoffman, CEO of The Fine Art Group; Suzanne Gyorgy, Head Art Advisory & Finance, Citi Private Bank; Anthony Browne, Chairman of The British Art Market Federation; Stephen Brooks, Deputy Chief Executive of Christie's; Michael Findlay, Director of Acquavella Galleries; and Jussi Pylkännen, Global President of Christie's.

Art Market Economics also explores the structure of the art markets in key regions, critical economic theory for understanding the market; art finance; regulation; and the economic impact of the art market. A six-week course, it's structured for those thinking of entering the art industry as a career, for those wishing to develop their professional careers, or for those looking to enter the art market as buyers or consignors. 

You can find more information or enrol on the course here.