Christie’s Education Expands Global Art World Professional Network

17 Jul 2019

Christie’s Education not only provides students with direct access to the auction house and its specialists, but also connects them to a wider art world network with alumni, professionals and advisors at the forefront of the industry. Having a global art professional network is key to ensuring exclusive behind-the-scenes information covering all aspects of the art world is integrated into our programmes.

Christie’s Education Art World Professional Advisory Group, delivering insights on employability across all sectors of the art world to benefit our master’s programmes and the professional development of our students, has recently grown to 14 members. Among the newest members are Tonya Nelson, Director of Arts Technology and Innovation at Arts Council England, Christopher Gaillard, Deputy Chairman of Gurr Johns, Inc., New York, Sara Kay of Sara Kay Gallery in New York, Marion Maneker, Editorial Director of ArtNews Media, Samantha Gilbert, Art Consultant and Jennifer Roberts, CEO of Design Miami. 

“It is invaluable to have someone you can trust who is looking out for your best interests as you navigate the market. So much of what is expected on the job isn’t learned in school, and a good mentor can give you the ‘cliff notes’ on best practices or help you manage a tricky scenario,” says Jennifer Roberts.  

Representing various areas of the art world, their considerable expertise, experience and networks enable Christie’s Education to closely track employability trends and ensure students are fully equipped for employment in today’s competitive art market.

“Building a network is extremely helpful. During my time at Christie’s, I met my future colleagues, clients, allies and friends. This kind of relationship building will serve you well throughout your career,” recalls Sara Kay of Sara Kay Gallery, one of the members of Christie’s Education Art World Professional Advisory Group. 

Apart from the broad network of advisors and business partners, Christie’s Education has more than 4,000 alumni of master’s programmes in London and New York, and thousands more of the continuing education and online courses graduates. Prominent alumni include Tobias Meyer, private art dealer; Thomas Campbell, Director of Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and Julie Edelson, Commercial Director of White Cube Gallery.