Christie's Education Recycling Luxury Conference Roundup

23 Jul 2019

On the 5 July Christie’s Education held a conference in London on the theme of ‘Recycling Luxury’. The conference, organised by Jacqui Ansell (Senior Lecturer, Online, Christie’s Education) and Dr Marie Tavinor (Lecturer, Christie's Education London), intended to go beyond the common – sometimes negative – connotations attached to the concept of luxury, and to look at the way precious objects and materials have been re-used, repurposed and recycled across time and space. The conference was organised to coincide with Classic Week at Christie’s London.

Below are some highlights from the day.


Left to right: Joy McCall (Christie’s, London), Dianne Batista & Levi Higgs (David Webb Archives, NY) and Sarah Fergusson (McTear’s Auctioneers Glasgow)

Colleagues from the auction house took time out of their busy schedules to deliver papers, and to join in the conversations.

Programme Director Dr Nick Tromans, and Lecturer Dr William Roberts chaired sessions, introduced themselves to delegates, and spread the word about their forthcoming MA Art History and Art World Practice.

Although the conference schedule was dense, enough time was left for participants to meet and mingle and fruitful connections were made. Knowledge was exchanged, forging connections between disciplines and individuals. 

Left to Right: Christine Banawa (British Vogue) and another attendee talking to Dianne Batista (David Webb) and Levi Higgs (David Webb). 

BBC Presenter Tom Heap (of ‘Countryfile’ and ‘Costing the Earth’), spoke with conference organiser Jacqui Ansell and managed to record short interviews with Joy McCall (Christie’s), Sarah Fergusson (McTears’) and Dr Marie Tavinor. 

Left to right: BBC Presenter Tom Heap and Jacqui Ansell

Thanks to all colleagues and collaborators who gave their insights, expertise, energy and enthusiasm to this day to make it such a success. We are pleased to announce that Conference Papers will be the focus of a special edition of the Academic Journal ‘Luxury, History, Culture and Consumption’ published by Bloomsbury and edited by Dr Jonathan Faiers (University of Southampton).

If you would like to watch some of the sessions from the conference, follow us on Facebook where we shared some live footage from the day.