Art Business Education Remains Central to Christie’s Education Programmes

17 May 2019

The first Art Business course launched in London more than ten years ago and has since become an essential part of Christie’s Education programmes globally. It provides an insight into the workings of the art world and it is crucial that it’s always current and relevant. “The ecosystem has changed considerably since the first course and these changes have been included in the format and content of our programme, which is important for those who are interested in following the art world or working within it”, says Glen Hardwick-Bruce, Programme Director of Continuing Education in London. 

In New York, the first Art Business Certificate programme launched in 2010. At that time, there were very few academic institutions addressing the ways in which art intersects with law, finance and business. “The professionalisation of the art world had expanded so immensely and yet it still remained a mystery to so many people interested in the field. The Programme was established to educate and to shed light on it”, explains Marisa Kayyem, Programme Director of Continuing Education in New York. 

Today, Christie’s Education Art Business offering ranges from certificate programmes, short courses and seasonal schools in London, New York and Hong Kong, as well as online courses. Art Business is also an essential component of the 15-month, full-time, cross-disciplinary postgraduate programme Art, Law and Business in London and New York. Students come to study at Christie’s Education for different reasons; some are collectors, some use it as a taster before the master’s course, and others want to pursue an art world career or change their current one. 

“Since attending Art Business Winter School in London last year, I have been considering launching my own company focused on art law. Apart from the comprehensive theoretical part, we visited many galleries and museums and had the opportunity to speak with art professionals who were on the top of their field, which makes the course special,” says alumna Nikol Popovská from the Czech Republic. 

Christie’s Education is the only academic institute wholly owned by an auction house and therefore provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Christie‘s, as well as other leading art institutions. Christie’s Education collaborates with a diverse range of people who are either engaged with or practicing in today‘s art world, including art market journalist Melanie Gerlis who has been speaking on the Art Business course almost since its inception, along with renowned art economist Dr Clare McAndrew.

Browse through our Art Business offering in London here and New York here.