An Interview with Sara Kay a New Member of Our Art World Professional Advisory Group

30 May 2019

Q. What piece of advice would you have liked to receive while you were studying? 

“Follow what holds the most meaning for you.” Ultimately, the things that we pursue that hold the most meaning, are those that will come with greater ease and work better in the long run. Basically, stick to your values and passions. 

Q. How do you/would you like to support the next generation of art world professionals?

I am a big believer in mentorship. Both because I had great mentors, and if we are not thinking about the next generation, we are not fully doing our jobs. My support comes in the form of POWarts – The  Professional Organization Of Women In the Arts. I was very purposeful in setting up an organization that includes the next generation, even at the student level. And when I employee staff at my gallery, I think about their experience and truly want them to use their time with me as a spring board for their future success. 

Q. How important it is to have a professional mentor in the art world?

Mentorship at all career stages is extremely important and we short change ourselves if we don’t seek it out. A mentor of mine once said to me, “Anyone who says they know what they are doing at all times is lying.” That was an important piece of advice for me. It reminded me that I can’t expect to have the answers on my own, and definitely not at all the times. Its easy to get caught up in thinking that we have to do everything solo. Not only can’t we, but I don’t think we should. Collaboration is key - it leads to great success and is a lot more fun. 

Q. What’s the key to success in the art world? 

Building a network is extremely helpful. During my time at Christie’s, I met my future colleagues, clients, allies and friends. This kind of relationship building will serve you well throughout your career.