New Series of Art and Tech Courses Launches in November

14 Nov 2019

After the inaugural Art + Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain in London and Art + Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution in New York, the third of Christie’s global summit series, in collaboration with Christie’s Education, will take place on 21 November at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Art + Tech Summit: Mixed Reality aims to explore the role and impact of immersive experiences through augmented, virtual and mixed realities in every aspect of contemporary living in this one-day conference.

Following up on the success of this summit series and to remain current in the ever-evolving art world, Christie’s Education has expanded its continuing education programme to include a new series of Art and Tech courses. Beginning this November and running throughout 2020, courses on Digital Art, New Media Art, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality will be offered in London and New York.

“Art and Tech is such a hot topic in the art world today and a lot of people want to keep up-to-date with developments and changes that may have an impact on how the market delivers these innovations. With Christie’s being at the forefront of the industry, auctioning the first AI artwork and using blockchain to support a sale, Christie’s Education is able to present courses that allow participants to fully engage with the latest art world technology,” commented Glen Hardwick-Bruce, Programme Director of Continuing Education, Christie’s Education London. 

The two-day course Art and Tech: Digital Art will take place in London and explore the current landscape of prominent and emerging digital artists, and how to collect and own digital artwork. The series will continue in New York on 10 December with Art and Tech: Blockchain, a one-day programme examining the ways in which blockchain is transforming the current art world. 

In early 2020, Art and Tech: AR/VR in New York will look at how the process of buying and selling art, of educating viewers and the experience of interacting with artwork has been disrupted by virtual and augmented reality as this technology enters museums, galleries, auction houses and art fairs. Art and Tech: New Media Art will introduce participants to the ways in which digitization has transformed how artists create, the subject of art and its display.