Artist Hew Locke Discusses His New Body of Work at Christie’s Education

25 Sep 2019

“There is a fine line between a parody and seriousness” that was the opening remark by Hew Locke, British sculptor and contemporary visual artist, at the evening discussion at Christie’s Education, in collaboration with the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Locke talked to curator and artist Sonia Boyce OBE RA about his artworks in a multitude of media and his new solo exhibition at Hales gallery in London.
“There is a phrase in the art world ‘You are only good as your last show’. Every exhibition I do I feel the pressure. Are people going to understand and like it? It gets more difficult as there are so many options. With this show I am trying to sell the idea of a new body of work” commented Locke. 
His new works remain dedicated to illuminating histories and geographies, highlighting the relevance of the past within the context of contemporary culture and politics. Locke likes to explore languages of colonial and post-colonial power, and questions symbols adopted and created by different cultures to assume and assert identity.
This event was hosted in the run up to the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair on 3 – 6 October in Somerset House in London. 1-54 draws reference to the 54 countries that constitute the African continent and serves as a platform for contemporary dialogue and exchange. Christie’s Education is partnering with the fair for the third consecutive year.