Learn Online About the Great Masters of European Art from 1350-1850

04 Sep 2019

Christie’s Education is pleased to announce the launch of its online course The Great Masters of European Art 1350-1850 with traditional Chinese subtitles on 17 September. Making online courses available in Asia is of great importance to Christie’s Education to meet the growing demand for art world education in the region. This online course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the great European artists and artworks of this influential period exclusively from Christie’s specialists and prominent art world experts featured throughout the course. 

Ted Sandling, Programme Director of Online Courses, commented: “The Great Masters of European Art 1350–1850 feeds into a great interest we've seen in the region to discover the fundamentals of Western art. The works of the old masters are increasingly appreciated but aspects can be hard to understand, such as the differences in style between European countries, as well as the symbols and stories that contributed to creating the Western classical tradition. What this course does is provide students with everything they need to know to understand and enjoy the art that was created in Europe across five hundred years.”

Over six weeks, the course will take students from the Early Renaissance in Italy through to Romanticism in Britain, introducing the principal works of the old masters, the major styles they have come to represent, and their influence on successive generations of artists. Exclusive interviews include Patrick van Maris, CEO of TEFAF, Bart Cornelis, Curator of the Dutch and Flemish Old Masters at the National Gallery, London, and Dr Molly Dorkin, of the Dickinson gallery.

Christie’s Education currently offer three online courses with Chinese subtitles; The Great Masters of European Art 1350-1850, History of Jewellery Design: 1880 to Now and Inside the Global Contemporary Art World

Christie’s Education online courses are produced with stimulating video-based content to provide students with an immersive experience wherever they may be located, making these programmes stand out in the marketplace for online learning. With the introduction of two new online programmes in the academic year 2019–2020, the current portfolio will increase to seven courses offered in English, with selected courses also available with traditional Chinese subtitles. The the full list of our online courses can be found here.