C# Exhibition Series: Blacklisted: An Indefinite Revolution

17 Feb 2020

Christie’s Education is pleased to announce Blacklisted: An Indefinite Revolution taking place from 21 February until 19 March as a part of our C# exhibition series showcasing works from emerging artists. This exhibition, curated by Christie’s Education student Pacheanne Anderson, symbolises the significance of the black and queer artists who endeavour to deconstruct, challenge and transform their diasporic identities, sexualities and gender expressions, exploring the versatility, delicacy and powerful nature of the figurative black body. The exhibition features artworks by Bernice Mulenga, Sola Olulode, Deborah Findlater, Bunmi Agosto, Chizi and Miranda Forrester, encompassing a wide range of media, including photography, painting, print, collage, film and performance.

Pacheanne commented: “The art world is a place that tends to monetise black pain, therefore reinforces the benefits of racialized hierarchical structures. This exhibition revolts against these structures by being present in a place which epitomises them. The work that will be shown doesn’t aim to monetise or degrade the black experience and instead celebrate it. The exhibition aspires to create a sanctuary, where the artistic contributions of a new generation of black and queer artists can be duly acknowledged and respected. All selected artists comment on wider sociopolitical complexities such as gender, (mis)representation and fetishism of the black body, whilst maintaining a firm stance against the white (heterosexual) gaze.”

At the beginning of the academic year 2019-20, Christie’s Education students were encouraged to feature local emerging artists and to prepare an exhibition proposal. Blacklisted: An Indefinite Revolution presented by Pacheanne was the project selected by Christie’s Education lecturers to move forward with for term two. By organising these shows students learn how to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. C# exhibition series launched in September 2019 by showcasing artworks from Araminta Blue, Dawn Beckles and Polly Alexander and the term three exhibition will take place in April.

Exhibition Dates: 21 February - 19 March
Artist Talk: 21 February, 5:30pm (invitation only)
Private View: 21 February, 6:30pm
Location: Christie’s Education London, 42 Portland Place, Marylebone W1B 1NB

About the artists

Bernice Mulenga
Their photographic practice expands to reoccurring themes around their identity, sexuality, race, Congolese culture and community. Their work presents intersections between dance, music and movement. They are closely affiliated with POC-queer-focused club nights and curatorial events of Pxssy Palace and BBZ London.

Sola Olulode
Her figurative paintings portray a nuanced and tender vision of relationships and intimacy. Olulode aims to overlay, deepen, and reflect the identities of the black womxn and non-binary people she depicts rather than simplify and register them as a “subject”.

Deborah Findlater
A video artist, filmmaker, writer and DJ from South London. She works with forms such as montage, installation and found footage in order to dissect the construction of narrative and explores issues surrounding working class Blackness in Britain and Black Womxnhood.

Bunmi Agosto
As a result of constantly moving between Nigeria and the UK, Agusto explores the evolutions and perceptions of the self upon encountering foreign bodies such as other selves or new spaces. Her explorations manifest as collaged paintings, digital illustrations and videos.

A multidisciplinary artist and designer born and based in London, raised in New York with an Igbo background. Her work serves as social commentary, expression of thoughts and analysis of others and herself. The work focuses on Black cultures where Blackness is ever present, and their qualities are thoroughly examined.

Miranda Forrester
Her practice is concerned with representing the queer black female gaze through painting. Her work, altogether, is a celebration of women’s bodies and the joy in occupying feminine identities and being in relation with one another