Young Collectors Story Charlotte Fletcher

24 Feb 2020

Charlotte started her own art collection in her late twenties. For her collecting is a combination of aesthetic love, a message that she really believes in, and an ambitious artist with the drive to make a change. To meet other like-minded individuals and to share ideas and thoughts, Charlotte co-founded The Young Collectors Club by Christie’s Education. The Club’s mission is to nurture and assist the growing young collectors’ movement with education and awareness of the art market and its components.

When was the first moment you realised you wanted to start your own collection?
I’ve always loved art. I remember learning about artists such as Dali, Picasso and the Pre-Raphaelites at school and being thoroughly captivated by their work. It was only a couple of years ago, when I was in my late twenties, that it occurred to me that I could start my own art collection after purchasing my first home. I had a small amount of money left over that I wanted to invest and started looking at options. The stock market was the obvious choice, but I knew nothing about it and it seemed so very daunting. I saw a few articles about investing in art and although I didn’t have much more knowledge then about the art world, it excited me, and I knew I could learn. I tried to research as much as I could and eventually was introduced by a friend to Marine Tanguy of MTArt Agency who explained the basics of collecting art, giving me the confidence to make my first art acquisition.
How did you choose your first piece of art?
Love at first sight. I saw the work of David Aiu Servan-Schreiber on Marine’s wall and couldn’t keep my eyes away from it. I kept seeing his work pop up on Instagram, and each time I did my stomach flipped and it felt like butterflies. We arranged a time for me to visit his studio. He showed me some pieces that he thought I might be interested in and explained the background story to his work, talking me through his creation process. His preoccupation with the beauty of our planet and the damage we are doing to it really resonated with me. I was also aware he was doing lots of collaborations and had public art pieces lined up, so he seemed like a sensible artist to buy first; a combination of aesthetic love, a message that I really believe in, and an ambitious artist with the drive to make a change.
How has The Young Collectors Club helped you tap into collecting?
The breadth of the subjects covered at The Young Collectors Club talks is invaluable. When I started collecting, I found it so difficult to find sources of reliable, unbiased information that I could trust. I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Marine because all the other guidance I could find came from galleries and other sources that were essentially selling a service. Unbiased information for collectors, especially younger collectors starting their journey, is hard to find and The Young Collectors Club hosts all types of art word experts who are happy to impart knowledge and expertise with no agenda. The Club is also a brilliant place to meet other like-minded people and to share ideas and thoughts.

What would be your top tip for other young collectors?
Buy for love. No matter what your reasons for collecting, whether simply to appreciate it or to invest in a long term, it will be on your wall so make sure you adore it. It might take time to find pieces that you love, and that’s fine – don’t rush it! Also, try and meet the artist and visit their studio if you can. This will give you so much more insight into the art you will be living with, hopefully making it more special.

For more information about The Young Collectors Club please visit Christie’s Education website.