Speak with Confidence about Contemporary Art

01 Jan 0001

Christie’s Education is pleased to announce the launch of its online course Speak with Confidence about Contemporary Art in February. This new format, single-session intensive programme is priced at $245 and explores the ways in which contemporary art is made, presented, spoken about and sold.

“Many people find the language around contemporary art daunting, while the art objects themselves can be mystifying. Across key lectures and four twenty-minute case-study video interviews, students are given understanding, ways of thinking, and a vocabulary to engage with contemporary art professionally and personally,” commented Ted Sandling, Programme Director of Online Courses.

The online course features four art world professionals. Lizzie Perrotte, Christie’s Education lecturer and highly skilled communicator, provides an approach to discussing contemporary art. Artist Ann Carrington, whose work has been acquired by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, discusses her inspirations and ways of working. Victoria Pomery OBE, Director of Turner Contemporary, talks about the social and cultural value of contemporary art. Tessa Lord, Head of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale at Christie’s London, explores the sale of contemporary art and explains the terminology used by galleries and auction houses. Writer and presenter Jacqui Ansell uses the case-studies to explore the wider contemporary art world through a series of video presentations.

Handouts consolidating key ideas, optional assignments and further readings are an essential part of all Christie’s Education online courses.

Christie’s Education online courses are produced with stimulating video-based content to provide students with an immersive experience wherever they may be located, making these programmes stand out in the marketplace for online learning. The current portfolio comprises of seven courses offered in English, with selected courses also available with traditional Chinese subtitles.