Student’s Voice: David Jang

16 Jan 2020

My background is in finance, I worked at one of the world’s largest banks in several continents and many cities over the course of my international career. I have also always had an appreciation for art, but never had the chance to explore it further as I was continuously on the move. 

However, I recently moved to London and decided to take advantage of what the city can offer. It is one of the major hubs for art and Christie’s is the most renowned auction house. I could not find a better way to combine my experience in finance with my passion for art than by taking Christie’s Education Art Business Course and learning about art and the art business ecosystem. 

The course was well structured and covered the most critical aspects of the art market. Whether you were a collector, dealer, artist, entrepreneur, or simply an art connoisseur, there was something for everyone in the classes. I will always remember this course as my stepping stone into the world of art, and I believe that what I learned will serve me well for years to come.

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