Top Advice to Start Your Art Collection in 2020

09 Jan 2020

The Young Collectors Club by Christie’s Education was launched with the aim of helping the growing young collectors’ movement to establish and maintain an art collection which will grow with them. Here we bring you useful tips on how to tap into collecting.

Glen Hardwick-Bruce, Programme Director of Continuing Education in London and Co-Founder of the Young Collectors Club recommends:

Buy What You Love
Always buy art that you love and spend as much as your budget allows. If you make a good decision, the artwork will increase in value and potentially you might want to sell it. If the decision wasn’t so fortunate, you will still have a piece of art that you love looking at and that brings you joy.

Learn about the Art History
Although not an absolute necessity when purchasing art, some awareness of significant artists and art movements allow you to see influences in an artist’s work. It also permits you to understand connections within the market. If one artist’s work increases in value, it may have an impact on a similar artist.

Grow with the Artist
If you are buying works from emerging artists, follow them and get to know their story. Find an artist whose artworks resonate with your own values, whether they be political or environmental or something else, and nurture your collection as they grow and extend their career.

Marine Tanguy, Founder and CEO of the MTArt Agency, the partner of the Young Collectors Club, advises:

Research the Career of the Artist
An artwork can be beautiful, but why should that mean it will be valuable? Bear in mind that the artists will need to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant, keep challenging themselves to move forward, and keep creating new works to make themselves profitable. Speaking with them and understanding their journey and vision will give you an idea of what their trajectory will be.

Think Ahead
Investing into an artist before their first museum show or before they sign a deal with a major brand that will boost the value of their works is the ideal scenario.

Look for Something Special
Art is about expression and individuality, and it follows that artists with a particularly unique technique will have a greater unique selling proposition.

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