The Luxury Masterclass Certificate

03 Dec 2021

After the huge success of our Art Business Masterclass Certificate launch in September, I am now excited to introduce the next addition to our Masterclass collection, a new, innovative course, the Luxury Masterclass Certificate a programme that brings together the best of online, live and virtual learning.


With the Luxury market in mind, this programme has been created to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to pursue your interests and career ambitions in the sector. You will study two online courses: Watches & History of Jewellery Design: 1880 to Now, blended with two exclusive interactive live courses: Managing a Luxury Brand, and Handbags. In addition, you can choose two online courses that will broaden your knowledge of art and business, such as art law, modern art, design and more.


Flexibility and choice are built into the foundations of the programme. You will select the courses that you want study, and choose when you want to study them. In total you’ll join four pre-recorded online courses, and two live courses across twelve months. You can start and reschedule your studies at any time. Online course seasons run five times a year; our live and virtual programmes run twice a year. For an additional fee, at a later date, we shall introduce an in-person component, taught at each of our campus' that will compliment the online/virtual Luxury Masterclass Certificate


The Christie’s Education Luxury Masterclass Certificate will introduce you to the foundation, concepts, organisations and people that are essential to building your career and interests in the art world. If you have previously completed any of the online courses, you’ll benefit from a corresponding discount on the registration cost of the Luxutry Masterclass Certificate.


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If you are an online alumni, contact our team at to find out if you are eligible for credits against the cost of the Masterclass.