Asian Art in the World - Three Day Conference

30 Dec 2022

Jorge Welsh | Three-Day Conference | Asian Art in the World | November 2022 ~ Lisbon ~ Portugal 

The principal aim of this three-day conference (to be held in November 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal), will be to highlight the important contribution made by Asia to world art and universal civilisation, from the remote ages of the Silk Road, and its land and sea routes, to the modern age of globalisation.
Guest speakers will present comprehensive and partial perspectives of the strong or enduring ties and links established among the various regional Asian cultures present at any one time in history. These include the economic and cultural bonds that every single one of them forged with the Western cultures they came across, commencing from the period of the Roman Empire until the end of the Middle Ages and then from the first globalisation to the present day.
Finally, it is our intention to show the huge prestige afforded to the many artistic cultures of Asia in the Western world. This was based primarily on admiration for their outstanding technical skills as seen in the use of a variety of materials, some of them unknown in the West, but also on general acknowledgment of the exemplary capacity to imaginatively reinvent motifs, narratives and symbolisms shown in these works of art, not to mention the many scenarios and rituals underlying those artistic manifestations, ranging from the visual and decorative arts to the performing arts.


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