Introducing our new year-long programme, Exploring Art: From the Renaissance to Contemporary

31 Dec 2023

Christie's Education, the leading provider of art education, has announced a year-long Art History course that will take art lovers on an experience of discovery. Investigating the secrets behind some of the world's greatest masterpieces, the programme, titled "Exploring Art: From the Renaissance to Contemporary", is aimed at demystifying the world of art, looking at artistic techniques, unravelling the symbols that exist within art works, the history of the art market and collecting as well as addressing provenance and restitution. Also included in the course is a visit to either Florence, Paris, Rome or Venice.

The course, led by Glen Hardwick-Bruce, Director of Continuing Education at Christie’s London, comprises ten courses delivered over a year, each with a different focus and content. Commencing in September, the course takes participants on a journey through the major art periods, starting with the Renaissance and ending with contemporary art.

Throughout the programme, lectures will be delivered each week, many of them including specially selected artworks that reflect the period and context in which they were made. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the artworks in a variety of ways, including practical sessions, cataloguing and handling art works, as well as the trips to galleries and museums both in London and abroad.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the development of human creativity and expression from the late Middle Ages onwards. One of the key objectives will be to develop looking skills and to learn about the specific methods and techniques used to create artworks. It will also offer a fundamental framework for understanding the economic elements of the art market, including supply and demand and how economic factors can influence art; all significant areas of the art world for those wanting a career in the field. 

According to Glen Hardwick-Bruce, the year-long programme offers a complete and immersive experience that will enable participants to appreciate and understand art in the 21st century. "Our Art History, Art Market and Collecting programme takes you across countries and time periods, allowing you to experience and understand the full picture of what Art is by looking at its makers, why it has been made, and the impact it continues to have on our world," he said.

 Throughout the programme, lectures will be delivered each week by experts and specialists in their fields

The course is ideal for those interested in working in an auction house or gallery environment or the general art landscape, as well as for those interested, and want to learn more about the beauty of Art. .

For more information about the programme, learn more here.